Re: I can't believe I found this site!!

From: Christine Lake (
Sun Jul 28 13:19:32 2002

Thanks Karla! I will definitely give it a try! Already, I can't believe how caring everyone has been, and I've only been here a few days. I've been a member of a few gastric bypass boards for a while now, and people just don't seem to care. Maybe, it's been difficult for them because they just can't relate. But I just have to say it again, thank God I found this site!

At Sun, 28 Jul 2002, Karla wrote: >
>I understand your feeling that God has abandoned is very hard to
>maintain a faith when you suffer day in and day out while having the
>knowledge that nothing can be done to help you. Please know that God would
>never abandon you. He is working very diligently in the background,
>carrying you through the toughest times and holding your hand when you cry
>out in pain. We don't always recognize the ways in which the Lord works,
>but please know that he IS working for you. I have shared with the others
>what I do to reaffirm my faith and I hope you don't mind my sharing it with
>you. There are so many days when I just don't understand "why me". Why all
>this pain and suffering. But, I never question my faith. I just close my
>eyes and envision myself standing in front of the Lord. He opens up his
>arms and I climb up on his lap. His arms wrap around me and his love and
>understanding envelope me completely. This knowledge gets me through each
>and every day. I don't question my faith anymore. Yes, there are days when
>I am weak....but my faith is always there and these visualizations serve to
>make my faith stronger.
>Somewhere up in the stars.................
>My angel and me!

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>> Thanks Jan for your care and concern. You are right, it is a terrible
>> thing to have to be a member here. However, I'm very grateful and
>> appreciative of the support that everyone seems to provide to each
>> other. I've felt so alone these last few months, even though my friends
>> and family have been very caring and supportive. No one seems to really
>> understand how exhausting physically and mentally chronic pain can be.
>> I'm finding myself sinking into depression, and I cry almost daily
>> because I'm so tired of the whole mess. One of the saddest parts is
>> that my faith in God has been weakened. I feel as if even God has
>> abandoned me to live my days suffering alone. I hope that you find the
>> answers you are looking for. Thanks again!

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