Re: RITA: A "red flag" went up for me...regarding your July 29th surgery!! ...

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Sun Jul 28 03:57:49 2002


I don't believe that the SprayGel has been in use that long over in Germany. The other factor to consider is that some individuals may have gone to Germany and had the SprayGel applied before the doctors had the technique of applying the barrier down good. I believe that Mary Pomroy is probably the first real case that could be looked at. If she is reading this maybe she could respond? Also, someone asked about the results of surgery by Dr. Kruschinski....his adhesions clinic just opened in the last month or so. I don't think there are too many results available yet. I understand your need to know these things though.

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Helen, I have a question. Did you have surgery in Germany with spraygel? WHat was the outcome?Hasn't it been some months and I want to know if it was successful? I myself would like someone to come accross and tell us it's been a year or so many months and I am still painfree with the use of spraygel. I hear people who went to Germany and had spraygel but I want to hear long term effects.Could someone please secure that answer for us? Lillian

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