adhesion or incisional hernia

Sat Jul 27 16:13:46 2002

My daughter, Cassie is 13 and has been through a intestinal blockage surgery, then 2 years later an adhesion had caused another total blockage then 1 year later this last december her pain was so bad, literally in and out of the hospital for a month and finally childrens hospital did a lap on her and found all kinds of adhesions stuck to her original appendectomy site as well as her midline incision. She did really well for like 4 months and I thought she was adhesion free then the pain started in, she had alot of diahrea and she has a the diahrea only half the time now, my main concern is the pain, she describes the pain just like last dec before her lap. It is right near her long abdomen incision next to her belly button, this pain has gone on for over 2 months now, it is NOT diahrea cramping pain, it is a twisting, knifelife pain. She will go from standing to crouched down on the floor with her knees to her chest and tears will stream down her face. I have been giving her codeine and vicodin left over from her lap. I know going to the emergency room won't do any good. Every test she has ever had has always came up negative. Barium never shows anything for her. The only difference this time is that the pain is daily but it comes both out of the blue and when she lifts anything, i'm wondering if it could be a hernia, she has a slight bulge in the area of pain. I would love any insight that would help my daughter, thanks, cathy

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