What should I say to my Dr?

From: Tammy (tammytl@msn.com)
Sat Jul 27 14:52:58 2002

Since finding this website, I have been struggling with the best way to approach my Dr. She is compassionate to my condition, we have worked through many medications to find what works best for me. She prescribes these meds to me on a regular bases, without seeing me very often. Latly though, I am concerned about how often she sees me. Sometimes I feel as if I have been swept to the side, nothing can be done, but to keep me comfortable and on disability so that my activities don't aggravate my condition and I can rest often. After finding this site and learning a lot more about this condition, I made an appt with my Dr for Aug 9th, no real reason for the appt, just want to talk, check-up type thing. There are somethings that are aggravating me more than they use to. But mostly I just want to talk to her about this web site and what I am learning. Still I am not sure, what is the best way to approach the subject? I don't want to insult her as a Dr. by saying, did you know about ARD? If so why has no one told me about it? I also want to ask about these adhesion barriers, what is my chance of getting better if I have another operation using one of these products? Can anyone think of a good way to ask my Dr about ARD and the web site IAS? I have printed off somethings, should I take them in and give them to her? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I am so frustrated, you know, there are so many better things in life than this! Let me know if anyone has any ideas on what I should ask my Dr. God Bless and Take Care of You All Tammy Lynn

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