Re: I can't believe I found this site!!

From: Janice Simpson (
Fri Jul 26 23:11:38 2002

Dear Clake, You will find that we are one big family here too. Families are great but as much as they try they don't understand what we go through. Honey, God has not abandoned you and he never will. I know you feel that way we all have but hang in there. Just in my short time on the message board so much has happened and if we stick together (no pun intended) we can move mountains. Just e-mail us anytime to talk good or bad we will take you any way we can to support you or celebrate a good day, week or month. Your friend, Jan

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Thanks Jan for your care and concern. You are right, it is a terrible thing to have to be a member here. However, I'm very grateful and appreciative of the support that everyone seems to provide to each other. I've felt so alone these last few months, even though my friends and family have been very caring and supportive. No one seems to really understand how exhausting physically and mentally chronic pain can be. I'm finding myself sinking into depression, and I cry almost daily because I'm so tired of the whole mess. One of the saddest parts is that my faith in God has been weakened. I feel as if even God has abandoned me to live my days suffering alone. I hope that you find the answers you are looking for. Thanks again!

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