Robert: Re: Thanks for the replies folks... here are more

From: Nancy E. Hale (
Fri Jul 26 20:25:35 2002

Dear Robert:

Welcome to the site. I'm not going to be long-winded tonight, I don't have the strength.

1) Is your pain more or less constant, or does it come on acutely and >then go away after a period of time?

My pain is constant, just varying in intensity. It has been this way for the past 4 years.

>2) Have you had any relief with the smooth muscle relaxing drugs like
>Levsin or Levsinex?

Yes, I have tried Levsin, Buscopan, Donnatol, and Modulon. None of these worked, and actually the Modulon made the pain worse.

>3) Does the location of the pain, in your abdomen, the "center of your
>being," cause you much more emotional distress, than say, if you had a
>diseased limb? To me, there is something much more emotionally
>disturbing about having pain in my abdomen than anywhere else on my
>body. Hard to describe but I suspect some of you know what I am talking

No, I can honestly say that the chronic pain I am experiencing in the center of my body does not cause me any more emotional distress than any other pain. It is the other things that I have lost because of the chronic pain that causes me the problems. I used to drive taxi to pay the bills - now I don't even drive our own vehicle because it increases the pain levels so much. Just an example.

Good luck and pain-free hugs,

Nancy in NB

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