Re: PAIN...results when adhesions attach organs together....

From: Robert Anderson (
Fri Jul 26 17:37:09 2002

At Fri, 26 Jul 2002, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>The intestines/bowels (including the colon) do NOT have nerve endings; but the peritoneum DOES!!

This is an important piece of the puzzle for me. I would like to know a little mor e about it.

When you say the intestines do not have nerve endings, does that mean no sensation in the intestines is possible? When I get gas/cramps of the usual indigestion kind, where does that pain originate? I had imagined it was an irritation/bloating/stretching of the large intestine, but by your claim the pain must originate elsewhere. Can you shed some light?

And just to be sure: the peritoneum is the inner lining of the abdomen, correct? Behind your abdominal muscles?

Thanks, Bob

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