Re: Chronic Pain in hips, lower Kat

Fri Jul 26 15:57:47 2002

I'm really having a hard time keeping anything down. Everything makes me naseus (spelling) and I vomit all the time. I have a good appetite it just either goes out one end or the other. Ever since I've been home from the hospital I've had 25 to 30 bowel movements a day and the Doc hasn't done anything about that, he says he needs to get the infection cleard up first. I was on 4 kinds of antibiotics for 38 days in the hospital and have been on them everyday since coming home. I'm to the point that I really don't know how much more of this I can take. I have tried everything. The pain is still so intense that the pain meds only ease it for a short time and never completely get rid of it. Love, Bobbi

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