Bob-: Does this sound familiar to any of you? I have been seeking answers for 2

Fri Jul 26 13:02:38 2002

Hi Bob! Welcome to the IAS board. Thank you for posting your experience. I wanted to tell you that right before some of my surgeries it hurt right after I urinated. Come to find out I had adhesions wrapped around my small intestine and of course all over the place. Have you sought out a pain specialist? I do have information on doctors who do specialize in adhesion surgery and do it laparoscopy (through the naval) and not a laparotomy (long cut on your abdomen) if you'd like their information. Please read up on stories posted here on the adhesions quilt and feel free to add your story too. ") Remember you are not alone with this devil pain of yours - this is such a great support group! I don't know what I'd do without this IAS site! Love and hugs to you, ~Chrissie (Christine Damon - Epsom, New Hampshire on the adhesions quilt)

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