Bobbi - TAH and no endo.

Fri Jul 26 11:57:32 2002

Hi Bobbi! ") I just wanted to comment on your post saying that you thought after a TAH the endo was a thing of the past. I can tell you that since my TAH 6 years ago they have found endo with my past surgeries - all except this last one I had. So that's a myth about having a TAH and no more endo. CRUD! I wish the doctors would learn a thing or two and read some of our posts huh? They sure would learn lots from us guys and gals wouldn't they? ") Love and hugs to you Bobbi, ~Chrissie xo's After my last 5 Surgeries they have always tole me that they also had to remove Endo. I was under the impression that once you had a TAH thay Endo was a thing of the pass. I guess that's what you get when a Hillbilly tries to think for her redneck self. Love, Bobbi

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