Hello everybody just need to vent !!!

From: Brenda (sweetlovin2u2002@hotmail.com)
Wed Jul 24 09:16:06 2002

Hi everybody, it is me Brenda. Well sorry I haven't been writing and checking to see how everybody is but have been in alot of pain the last couple of weeks. Things are not getting any bettter with new medication. I am just getting totally frustrated I have decided to go see a family physologist just to see what or if they can help me deal with this pain and even deal with what life is throwing me. I am just so tired and frustrated that nothing is working. Thank god for all of you cause if I had to deal with this on my own don't think I would be able to, you all our a piece of sunlight and it helps to know that we are here for each other. I hope all is well and that everybody is coping well going to go back and lie down but just wanted to write and let everybody know that they all deserve a big thanks and I guess we all have to be strong. your friend Brenda Langlois

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