Millie - The stitch left behind after my surgery.....

Tue Jul 23 10:57:06 2002

OOOO Millie! See, you did it too with your mouth stitches. So you know what I mean with wanting to cut off the remaining stitches from my boo-boo's. tee hee I promise to leave the other stitch to my doctor. Today my 1/2 mole left by my belly button is sore. It's healing nicely - I almost picked the scab off the mole, but I know better now. It won't stop bleeding for a very long time if I do that. Plus the fear of pulling off the rest of the mole...YIKES! Hugs with lots of love to you Millie, ~Chrissie xo's PS you sound like my husband, "Chrissie, put the knife down and I'll cut your steak for you." tee hee. Just the look in his eyes when I pick up a sharp object is enough for me to put the sharp object down. TEE HEE

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