Mon Jul 22 18:01:04 2002

HI, just writing you all to let you know that I went for a EGD today, and they find out that my stomach is

inflame, because everything I eat my stomach burns they said that the acid is makiing my stomach inflame so I'm

on more medcations. This thursday is when I go back to my Gyn and she's going to make me an appointment to have

another lap done finally the pain will be gone hopefully longer this time!!!! I must say today wasn't a bad day it was

pretty good I have been painfree for about six hours now that mean alot to me ,because I count down the minutes of

each day. The last four days I would say that I had an attack IS their such thing???? I do believe that we be having

ATTACKS at time, because those days was the WORSE!!!! I could barely fuctions or move so I will be praying for all

of you ,because we are going through this together with God's help we will make it and that I truley believe because

he will heal us we just have to have faith! your sister in christ NettGet

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