Re: Doctors Not Listening To Me Re: Adhesions

From: Kelly Murray (
Mon Jul 22 15:10:13 2002

Barb, I know I am late in responding but here it goes: I have found that Internists seem to believe in adhesions more then other drs. for some reason Gastro. drs. are famous for saying IBS. You would think that the bells would ring if you tell them that you have had prior surgery, especially if you have had more than one pelvic surgery or have had Endo. I even had a dr. at a "Famous Clinic" diagnose me with IBS. until I came home and got so sick that a dr. I went to told me I looked so bad that he was going to operate on me to see what was wrong with me. I am now to the point that I can't eat or sleep hardly at all and I have awful pain but no surgery for me unless I get blocked. I refuse to have the 15 or 16 surgeries that seem to be common. My last one was a year ago. Please do not rush into surgery. Try pain management. I am having a spinal-block done this week. -------Original Message------- From: Date: Friday, June 21, 2002 15:15:24 To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: Doctors Not Listening To Me Re: Adhesions I have been to a number of doctors and they have very little to say when I ask them if my symptoms sound like adhesions. I am so tired of having to diagnoe myself! Why can't doctors think outside of the box? I mean, unless they see something on a test, they don't believe there is anything wrong with you. Everyone is telling me I have bloating from IBS. I know I do not - I don't have any other symptoms. My insides feel like they are being pulled and swollen. What do some of you do to get your doctors to listen? What kind of doctors WILL listen?


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