From: Kelly Murray (
Sun Jul 21 20:31:09 2002

Sally, I am also in horrid pain again since my last surgery a year ago. I am getting a block done next Thursday to see if this will help. I think I am going to wait on this Spray Gel to see how the results are. As I think with each surgery the adhesions are worse. Why take a chance with the Gel and get worse adhesions. So please anyone that gets the Spray Gel surgery, PLEASE keep in contact and let us know your results. Kel -------Original Message------- From: Date: Sunday, July 21, 2002 16:11:19 To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: Re: STILL IN PAIN/Sally Dear Jeanette, Hi, I'm Sally and I haven't been on the board for a while, my life is over full, I'm in awful pain, my business is way too sucessful without adequate help (ironic, huh?) and more importantly, my beloved god-son is in a coma from an auto accident. Now having gotten all that off my chest, I wanted to say hello to you and wish you well.

  I'm not a doctor, nor am I giving medical advice, I just want you to be
sure of what you are doing? Have you gone to the IAS board and read the
stories and looked up the past archives; done research, etc,  because your
doctors are not going to do it for you. You need to study and fear is normal
 I'm scared stiff. I expect I'll be having a laproscopic surgery sometime
soon with the new spray gel in Europe or Australia or I may not. No surgery
that I have had has reduced the pain. It comes back along with more massive

I don't want to frighten you. I'm being way too heavy, but you have lots of
time to make a decision.  I want you to be healthy and well and happy.  If
they start talking about other problems that is a different story, but if
you are having an operation because of a dull ache, think about agony. And
that's not fair, I'm so sorry, I feel like an ogre saying these things to
you. I just want you to be better. I guess it all depends on how much pain
you are in. So do some more research and don't let them give you a big cut,
they can do just about anything laproscopically. And if they can't then you
need another doctor who can, because the other doctors are behind the times.
You probably know all this already. 

Please forgive me for being so pessimistic and know it all. After all these
years I wonder what I do know. I'm hoping spray gel is going to be my answer
  Lots of love, prayers, and hugs coming your way. Sally Grigg

>----- Original Message ----- From: JEANETTE COOPER To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Friday, July 19, 2002 2:28 PM Subject: STILL IN PAIN Hello to my adhesions friends, I was so happy to find this web site my name is Nett and two years ago I had a emergency surgery and they had to remove my left tube, then about four months later I started having a dull aching pain so I waited before I went to the doctor until it became unbearable. I went back and had a lap done and the doctor saw alot of adhesions he remove some but, didn't get them all ,after that I tried the Depo shot for about five months it did'nt help so my doctor start acting real funny acting like he was tired of me complaing ,but he just did'nt understand. I refuse to go to anyone that don't care!! Then I went to three other doctors for some more opions the third doctor finally told me that I needed a total hyst because the adhesions had cover my overies and right tube it took me a couple of months to decide because that 's a major decision and I was scare, so I went ahead with it because I was in severe pain after the surgery I was o.k. until one year this April I have that same dull aching pain on my left side of my pelvic. I went to another doctor that did my first surgery and she ran some test for my colon and on my nerves in my neck and back everything came back normal. So now next week I go back to see her for a consult for a another lap please keep me in you all prayers and I'll do the same . I'll make sure that I will keep you all posted. Get more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download :

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