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From: Helen Dynda (
Sun Jul 21 17:12:44 2002

As a chronic pain patient, you no doubt have undergone every diagnostic test imaginable in an attempt to find relief from the constant pain that has taken over your life; but all of your diagnostic tests have been negative or normal - and neither you nor your doctor have a clue as to the source of your pain.

There is only one test that is capable of diagnosing adhesions - a diagnostic laparoscopy. Since this is a surgical procedure, the procedure itself can cause adhesions to form!! Any surgical procedure will cause adhesions!!!

There still are no easy answers as to how to prevent the formation of adhesions; because the formation of adhesions is a completely natural response by the body in its attempt to heal and protect itself. Research is being done; and hopefully one day there will be an adhesion prevention product that will triumph over the body's natural way of healing itself.

Since it is so difficult to find a doctor (or surgeon) who believes that adhesions can cause pain, it is very important that each one of you begin to take responsibility for your own health concerns!! How can you do this?

Take some time each day to learn as much as you possibly can about adhesions-related disorder (ARD). Your knowledge about ARD will be there to help you as you struggle to find relief from your pain. When your doctor is aware that you are taking responsibility for your medical condition, he/she will be more apt to do his/her best to help you.

More importantly, your knowledge about ARD will help you determine whether your doctor "is on the same page as you are" regarding adhesions. If your doctor is not willing to work together with you toward adequate management of your chronic pain, then don't waste anymore of your time with that doctor. You will want to find a doctor:

.....who will not only listen to you, but also believe you -- and not prejudge you.

.....who is interested in learning more about adhesion-related disease (ARD).

.....who willingly will accept and read print-outs about ARD (from the Internet) that you have provided him/her with.

.....who will treat you with respect!!

There are no easy solutions when a person suffers from ARD. At this time pain management is the best that medicine can offer. I just recently read the following:

" Most medical schools do not mandate courses for pain management. ' Less than one percent (1%) of the content of medical textbooks is devoted to symptoms such as pain.' says Kathleen Foley, M.D., a neurologist who in 1981 founded the nation's first cancer pain service at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York. Patients who smile through pain and try to be pleasant only make matters worse. ' Too often that's interpreted, even by doctors who should know better, as someone who's not in pain,' says Foley.

" Although pain is invisible and can be measured only by the one suffering with it, the idea that it's all in the mind is hogwash -- and dangerous. Chronic pain has been shown to weaken the immune system, rewire the nervous system, impair healing, and disturb sleep patterns, all while increasing depression, anxiety, and social isolation -- which invariably lead to more pain. ' It's the classic vicious cycle,' says Loscalzo. ' The more depressed and debilitated a patient becomes because of pain, the less able he or she is to seek help." [ Source: AARP Modern Maturity; July-August 2002; page 66.]

After reading these two paragraphs, it became clear to me that the reason so many doctors are unable to provide the right kind of pain relief for their patients, is because pain management was not stressed in medical school. Something tells me that -- in addition to pain management -- adhesions also were not given ample stress in medical schools!!

The following website will emphasize the importance of taking personal responsibility for educating yourself about your particular medical condition. You can do it!! As a result of reading about ARD, you will have a much better understanding about your medical condition!!

Take Charge - The Five Cardinal Steps

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