BARB: Re: Had Lap and Mostly Adhesions Found - Poor Prognosis

From: Nancy E. Hale (
Sun Jul 21 15:46:53 2002

Hello Barb:

Welcome to the site, and unfortunately, you are right. Things could get worse now that the adhesions have been removed. Yes, adhesions can and do reform, and actually, they probably have already done so. They begin to form immediately after surgery or any other injury, closed or open, and stop forming within the first week. Then they begin to toughen and tighten.

The best advice I can give you is to read. The IAS website ( is the best reference site you will find. There are some good reference links available from the main page, as well as the link to the Adhesions Quilt, where you can read all the stories from fellow adhesions sufferers and add you own, and the link to the Message Board, where you can browse or search back through the archives to find relevant posts to any specific questions you may have.

Welcome, good luck, and gentle pain-free hugs. You will find a world of support on this site and this message board.

Nancy in NB

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