Lisa Graves is recovering from surgery in Germany...e-mail is welcomed!!

From: Helen Dynda (
Sat Jul 20 15:20:19 2002

As many of you know, Lisa Graven - from the United States - had surgery at the Emma Clinic at Frankfurt, Germany on Wednesday...July 17, 2002. Beverly Doucette received the following message - about Lisa's surgery - from Dr. Daniel Kruschinski:

"Lisa was a tough case, but it went excellent !!! I made additionally a little plastic surgery on her tummy as she had a very scarry tissue - as I have learned plastic surgery too - thanks for your (Bev's) advice ." Dr. Kruschinski has given his permission for International Adhesions Society friends to send get-well wishes to Lisa via his email address: . Get-well wishes from IAS friends will let Lisa know that we are - and will be - here to support and encourage her as she recovers from this difficult surgery.

The EndoGyn - Institute for Endoscopic Gynaecology website - - will provide more information about seeking surgery in Frankfurt, Germany.

SprayGel adhesion barrier was used for Lisa's surgery. SprayGel has not been approved by the FDA for use in the United States; however, clinical trials are now being conducted in the United States. For information about SprayGel, please go to this website:

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