Re: Had my gall bladder out my last adhesion surgery...

From: Rita Steele (
Sat Jul 20 14:08:15 2002

Sherry, I had my gall bladder removed 3/22/00. I've had chronic pain ever since including the tender ribs & stabbing in the back pain. I do not have leg pain, thank goodness, but my left hip is so tender from laying on my left side so much that nights are just plain miserable for me. I am having diagnostic laparoscopy with lysis of adhesions surgery July 29 to verify that I have adhesions & hopefully get rid of this unbearable pain. I've had tests inside & out with everything always coming back "NORMAL". I've been to at least a dozen different Drs. in the last 2 1/2 yrs. trying to find someone to believe me & help me. Most of them made me feel like I was a nut! So believe me I know what you are going through & I empathize with you. I hope you can find some help soon. Take Care, Rita in AZ --- Sherry <> wrote: > Good morning everyone! I've gotta tell ya, I'm going
> nuts. My legs are
> still aching so bad and I have pins and needles in
> my lower legs and
> feet! I am very tender between my ribcage and my
> back feels like I've
> been stabbed! I've had a low grade fever all month.
> I'm starting to get
> frustrated. I'm thinking since I had my gall
> bladder out due to
> adhesions in Oct. of 2000 maybe they are now on or
> near my liver? When
> I had adhesions attack my appendix, I had symptoms
> of appendicitis. Can
> anyone share any similar experience? Thanks so much
> for being here,
> Sherry

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