Sherry-Subject: Had my gall bladder out my last adhesion surgery...

Sat Jul 20 13:34:10 2002

Oh Sweet Sherry - those darn leg pins and needle pains are awful, sorry you have to deal with them! "( Since my last surgery with Dr. R&R on May 30th of this year I have not felt those feelings or had the leg shut down from pain. Thank God! I had chronic adhesions found on my left lower side and that was causing all the pain that shot down my left leg. The surgery before my May 30th surgery I had the same thing. That surgery on July 24, 2000 helped me get rid of the leg pain. But 2 months later the pain came back. Those nasty, sticky, crummy adhesions sure do cause havoc in us huh? I'm just an email away if you need me Sweet Sherry! ") Love, hugs, and healing prayers, ~Chrissie xo's

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