Tammy - hormones

From: Chrissy492@aol.com
Sat Jul 20 12:40:02 2002

Hi Sweet Tammy, ") About a year after my TAH I was put on hormone pills. One of them was testostorim (me too with the sp) .....anyway, about 6 months after I was on that type of hormone my voice deepened and I think I started growing hair on my chest....tee hee...so I was put on menest and good Lord I forgot the other pill. So far so good but the sexual feelings..........gone. My friend told me about a herbal pill I can take to help get that loving feeling back. My husband says - try it, maybe you may like it....hmmm, I think he'll like it if it works - know what I mean? Kidding aside, he's been very patient and understanding. I just get depressed knowing I don't have the feeling that only he and I share. I'll try that herbal stuff my friend is talking about and I'll let you know how it goes. I have to keep reminding myself - one day it'll all be better and Pete and I will have those wonderful intimacy moments again with the ceiling fan. TEE HEE - sorry, you are seeing the pig in me..... Love and hugs to you Tammy, ~Chrissie xo's

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