Sat Jul 20 12:26:09 2002

Hi Nett and Welcome to the IAS wonderful support group! I'm sorry that you had one of those doctors who just wanted to get rid of you. You did the right thing searching for another doctor. I just wanted to say before you had another surgery to check out everything about this doctor. Does he/she specialize in adhesions surgery? Can this doctor perform your surgery without having to do a laparotomy? There are doctors out there that can do this procedure without having to cut you hip to hip or groin to the breast bone. It's only that I care about you (even though we just met) that I'm giving you the advice to seek doctors who know all about adhesions. I know of doctors that specialize in this and would love to give you their information if you'd like it. I would hate to hear down the road that your surgery didn't work and that the doctor who performed your surgery is turning his/her back on you - to have that happen to you again would just break my heart. With love, hugs, and support, ~Chrissie xo's (Christine Damon-Epsom, New Hampshire on the adhesions quilt)

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