Re: Lisa Graven's recent surgery at Frankfurt, Germany...

From: clare (
Fri Jul 19 16:29:27 2002

Thanks Helen for keeping us posted. I sent off an email. You are always so good to give us the positives that we need. Spaygel really does look like the answer (thank God). I've got a whole lot of reading to do on that subject this weekend, if I get the chance!

I wonder if Spraygel will ever come to Canada, for use during lysis surgeries? I'm really hoping now!!!!

In friendship,


At Fri, 19 Jul 2002, Helen Dynda wrote: > >As many of you know, Lisa Graven - from the United States - had surgery at the Emma Clinic at Frankfurt, Germany on July 17, 2002. Today Beverly Doucette received the following message from Dr. Daniel Kruschinski concerning Lisa's surgery: > >"Lisa was a tough case, but it went excellent !!! I made additionally a little plastic surgery on her tummy as she had a very scarry tissue - as I have learned plastic surgery too - thanks for your (Bev's) advice ." > >If you would like to send greetings to Lisa, Dr. Kruschinski has given his permission for Lisa's International Adhesions Society friends to use his email address " " to contact Lisa. > >The following website will give you more information about seeking surgery in Frankfurt, Germany: > >EndoGyn - Institute for Endoscopic Gynaecology > > > >SprayGel adhesion barrier was used for Lisa's surgery. SprayGel has not been approved by the FDA for use in the United States; however, clinical trials are now being conducted in the United States. For information about SprayGel, go to this website: > >

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