Re: Chronic Pelvic Pain and Adominal Adhesion

From: clare (
Thu Jul 18 17:10:06 2002

Hi Tammy:

Welcome to the IAS forum. In regards to the gel, I believe the barrier you are looking for information on is Confluent Spray Gel. If you search the archives of this forum you will find a lot of discussion concerning it. Confluent's website addy is Some of the people on this forum have had surgery in Germany using this product, and it will be interesting to see the long term results of the clinical trials and their surgeries. To date, it really isn't being referred to as a cure as no one really knows the long term results, but it's the most promising adhesion preventative product on the horizon.

I hope this info helps. I also hope that you have proper pain management to help you through this.

Best wishes.

At Wed, 17 Jul 2002, Tammy wrote: >
>I am a 32-year-old woman that has a long history of built up scar tissue
>(adhesions) in my abdomen. I brought 3 beautiful children into this
>world through my abdomen, each one left more and more scar tissue behind
>and each time it grew worse and worse inside. About a year ago I had a
>complete hysterectomy due to the excessive adhesions and scar tissue,
>the OP report was gross, a lot of scarring, on my bladder, intestines,
>abdominal walls ect.
>Most, if not all or more of the adhesions and scar tissue has returned.
>To my despair, the surgeons are afraid to go in again, a recent CAT Scan
>shows all my organs are in place, so they won't go in again since a
>repeat surgery could do more damage than good.
>At that response I feel like my life is over. I am in pain all the time
>and though I am not suicidal I all too often pray and plead that God
>will bring me home soon. Because of extreme chronic pain, my Dr has put
>me on disability. I am a workaholic, I love to work, and went to school
>to earn a degree that would provide me with career opportunities. NOWÖ
>I canít work, canít play, itís hard for me to sit long enough to type
>this message and do the research that will hopefully some day bring me
>the hope and answers that will make my life meaningful to me again.
>My Dr has informed me about a clinical trial that might be going on to
>test and approve a new drug just for the reduction of internal scarring.
>This new product is a spray that once applied to the internal adhesions
>creates a gel that dissolves in about a week to two weeks, giving the
>adhesion time to form a scar that won't reform over and over again
>creating the "sticky" mess that I am currently dealing with. Has anyone
>heard anymore about this new product that hasn't yet been approved by
>the FDA?
>If you have heard about this new wonder drug, or have any advice please
>direct it to me and to this board.
>Through IAS, Internal Adhesions Society (I can hardly believe this
>Society exists) I have visited some interesting sites and collected some
>valuable info that I will be passing on to my Dr.
>One thing that helps, now that I have found this board, I donít feel so
>TOGETHER we can beat this!
>Good Luck and God Bless All

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