Re: Hi Scott from Sally

From: LScott (
Wed Jul 17 21:15:46 2002


That is interesting.... gives me something else to think about. When I went to the doctor on Tuesday morning, he did a pretty thorough pelvic and abdominal exam. He found my "hot spots" and he said he felt little bumps.... swollen lymph nodes. Now..... that could be a cause or just a symptom of something else. I go back in a few weeks to talk about biopsy (gulp!!) On the other hand, I may have a bas infection somewhere (prostate, testes etc.) that is causing the lymph nodes in my groin to be very painful.

But this has been 7 months now..... that is a long time for an infection to sit there. he said you have thougbt I either would have gotten better..... or worse.

My fiance says I am spending too much time dwelling on this...... but I don't think she really gets how much it hurts.... and how much it scares me. Men aren't very good at pain. But I am pretty good at hiding it so she doesn't always see it unless she catches me when I am not expecting it and I have "the expression".

Thanks for you help.....God Bless


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