Re: To Robin from Jo

From: Robin (
Tue Jul 16 15:34:11 2002

At Thu, 27 Jun 2002, Robin wrote: >
>At Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Jo Eslick wrote:
>>Hi Robin!
>>I just had to write and say “good for you”!!! Don't let those doctors
>>fob you off now... from what you said in your message, you are sick,
>>there IS something wrong, if adhesions haven't been "officially"
>>diagnosed, it's time to start demanding answers.... as I said to you
>>Don't forget, if you need to "chill out", soak up a sea breeze and some
>>soft gentle company, drop by the Aussie support site
>>and surf around for a while. There is the BEACH CLUB CHAT room, the
>>NOTE PAD that is a message board like this, just a slightly different
>>set up! You can register as a member and receive site updates and
>>interesting tid pits every once in a while.
>>There is also an area called "How to Cope" and I invite you and anyone
>>else who happens to read this message.... write to me with your way to
>>cope, and if it isn't already listed somewhere on bombo, then it will
>>get posted and you will get the credit for it! ;-) There is a poetry or
>>short story area. Tell us about a favourite childhood memory, or give
>>us a poem describing your pain or your will to overcome disability and
>>the "stigma" attached to that.
>>Dr Wiseman has done a fantastic job here.... providing us with great
>>information and links to other sites containing the latest information
>>about adhesions and research. The Adhesions quilt holds a HUGE number
>>of stories about adhesions sufferers around the world. We have a
>>section on bombo called "Our Stories" and you are welcome to record your
>>story on NOTE PAD first, email any art work, photo's etc that you want
>>us to use to decorate your page, and the admin team at bombo will help
>>You aren't alone, and now you are armed with information, you can
>>confidently steer your treatment in the direction that is best for you!
>>Not what the doctor "thinks" you need....
>>Stay in touch, we are here always, no matter what you decide to do.
>>Don't forget that Wednesday Night from 8pm to 10pm USA Eastern Standard
>>time, is BEACH CLUB CHAT time for US & Canadian adhesions friends and
>>guests. Log into the chat room via bombobeach, as the link here on the
>>IAS isn't working properly... we are working towards fixing the
>>problem... Maybe I will meet you tomorrow night in the BEACH CLUB CHAT
>>Love and gentle hugs,
>>Joanne Eslick
>>Founder Australian Adhesions Support Group
>>NSW Australian Co-ordinator of
>>International Adhesions Society
>>I am not a medical person, and all my messages are based
>>on personal experience. I am a fellow adhesions sufferer
>>reaching out to help others.
>Well I got call back from Doc, and he wants to do a Cat scan before
>he goes onto a laporoscopy. I think it has to be done before they can
>get insurance to comply. What do you think?

I just got back in from Colorado!!  We had to come home early, but we had a pretty
good time.  I did get sick, in ER 2 times and they told me it was more altitude sickness
that irritated my stomach.  So the second time, they found out about Rick's heart attack
last year and told us to desend immediately.  So we did.  I phoned my doc today to get
results on my CAT scan and they told me it was all normal.  They said they would be able
 to see adhesions if they were there.  So, I dont know where to go from here.  I just sat
down and had a good cry.  I am to the point of exhaustion and tired if this.
Just thought I would fill you in.   Robin

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