Re: Thank You Everyone! (Lillian)

Mon Jul 15 21:44:54 2002

Dearest Brokenwing, I think it is too soon to say how successful this past surgery was. Although I am almost painfree. I have a back ache which is making unpainfree. But I think that may be something else but I am not sure. I think when I see my pain management doc on the 29th he may want to do aCT scan to check my back if it is still giving me problems. I no longer have the bad pain in my lower abdomen and that is a great releif. I am staying optimistic and praying that this surgery is the last for adhesions. Yes I had a doc that pulled peice by peice of my female organs and then the last surgery he did called in one of the famous general surgeons here and he pulled all my adhesions out along with my appendix and pulled all my intestines out and passed them through this things to clear out the adhesions then put them back in and told me never to see him again unless I was totally obstructed. Well I refuse to see him or allow anyone I know to either. He is no longer my doc for sure. Then I met a wonderful OBGYN and he did my last 2 surgeries and he did all he could to prevent opening me up and to prevent other adhesions to return. He is a blessing to me. Once I found this site and educated myself I knew no other run of the mill doc surgeon, vascular or whatever to touch me because they first of all don't even beleive adhesions cause pain. So I wish to Rosanne not to get herself stuck in the viscious cycle like I have been and wish her to pay attention to us who know. Love Lillian

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