Hi Everyone.

From: Tish (CookieTish@aol.com)
Mon Jul 15 18:01:08 2002

Hi I hope this finds everyone at least comfy today..me ..well im not too comfy either boohoo..This nerve thing in my legs has really totally cange the course of things for me..while the pain is pretty much under control THANK GOD and THANK MY PAIN DR..i cant seem to sit at the computer for too long at a time. So i hope you all can forgive my absence and my lack of sharing here..You all have helped me so very much ..and i feel awful when i dont get to say much here..you know...i feel like im not carrying my part of the load..which seems to be touching every aspect of my life too. Anyway i am going to try to be a little more thoughtful of you all and all of our new friends too. I am getting my i-s dotted and my t-s crossed so i can go to Germany and have surgery...and hopefully a confluent cocktail too LOL. I want you all to know that you are in prayers every single day whether you see me here or not...too Tami i have been saying a few extra special ones for you girl and i think about you alot..and hope and pray you are doing ok...and you will certainly be in my special prayers on the 19th too...Shawnna i havent heard a word from you girl..i hope and pray your doing ok...please let me know how you are doin when you have a min ok...i sure miss you girl. And Karla i am sending you some very good vibes..and tons of prayer..and all of our special friends too. To all of our newbies..i will include you all in my prayers and thoughts..and i will try to better at answering posts if i can help at all.. BIG HUGS and LOve TISH

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