Re: Chrissy , Lori & Nancy Intimacy-feelings

From: Tami (
Sun Jul 14 22:33:27 2002

I also can relate to this. This is the first time since I've been on the board that I have really seen it mentioned before. I guess we really all have alot more in common than we realize. And this is so very personal. It's nice to know I am not alone. I also have a wonderful and very understanding husband. Our 16th wedding anniversay is tomorrow. I feel there is no spontaneity any longer. I have to prepare by drugging myself so I can handle the pain. And the next day is always so bad. It's so unfair. Tami

At Sun, 14 Jul 2002, Browkenwing wrote: >
>I can totally relate to everything you all have
>said :-) I too have lost all desire since my Total
>hystorectomy in "94" The pain is really terrible
>right after,sometimes even during and do I dare say this but it hurts
>really bad to even have The big "O" (to imbarrassed to say the word) LOL
>I hate to
>say this but I think I could live without it! But
>I feel sooooooo bad because my husband has been so
>wonderful and understanding! But he is a man and he
>has his needs too! There are times when I feel like
>half a women or wife :-( We have learned to be intimate
>in a different ways but I would give anything to be
>the way we used to be! It feels so good to be able
>to talk to you about this cause I really feel sooo alone
>sometimes! I love my husband with all my heart and
>he is my best friend but Intimacy has really come
>between us at times when it is supposed to bring you closer! Thank-you
>for letting me know I am not alone!Big hugs coming your way!!!!
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>Let healing come swiftly with the dawn.Blessed are you,
>O Lord, who uphold the sick on their bed of Sorrow! May
>their days once more be good and their years be Happy!
>Blessed are you, who uphold, save, and restore the sick.
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