Re: This is all new to me

Sat Jul 13 17:19:22 2002

CArly I've had kidney stones and lithothripsy which is breaking the stones and I 've had stents to drain the residue. I can't recall having abdominal pain from it. I had bladder pain. Is it maybe that you are going through. Did they check you for Interstitial cystitis. Because that may be your problem.I have an irritable bladder and that causes a problem. I had adhesions before I ever had surgery. I think I got it from polycystic ovaries. I had ovarian cysts all the time. But my problem increased after having many surgeries. I just thought I 'd share it. Not sure if I helped. Have them check you for IC I hear that is painful. MAybe they can find out. Blessings Lillian

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