Re: surgery

Sat Jul 13 09:20:19 2002

Rosalie, If this is your first surgery how do they know where you have adhesions? There is no test that really can say you have adhesions.I want to tell you that if your surgeon does not use some type of barrier you may wind up with worse asdhesions than before and worse pain. I have had many surgeries and each time with no barrier and it only got worse. If it wouldn't be for the specialist I found who was willing to use those and keep my surgery laparoscopy I would have to stay in Pain Management. I talked to 3 different surgeons about the adhesion problem and none of them knew anything about adhesion barriers. Educate yourself well before you just let some happy doc cut you and make your condition worse.Please do that much for yourself. From the stories on the adhesion quilt youcan find many stories with no adhesion barrier and even those with that didn't work. Fortunately some have worked but it was with adhesion barriers,Laparoscopy(tiny holes )and warm air,powder free gloves,the works. Check and see what Dr Reich has to say about how to prevent further adhesions. Love LIllian

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