Re: Pain Medication

From: danette (
Fri Jul 12 23:09:41 2002

At Sun, 24 Jun 2001, Janet Karam wrote: >
>Dear Lesa,
>I am having good luck with Oxycontin combined with the anti-depressant
>Effexor. Oxycontin is a time release narcotic that your doc may not be
>willing to prescribe because of negative media coverage. If he is willing, I
>would give it a try.

>I also take effexor and I don't like them I'm going back to zoloft.I'v been on methadone for a couple of years now It works great until my back goes out. I'm also on treatment for hep-c and I'm stage 4 cirrhosis. there days when the pain is so bad I don't even know who I am. I'm thinking of asking my dr for a patch for the weekends I give myself the injections.
>tHE MAIN PROBLEM i DON'T GET TH FULL EFFECT OF ORAL MED because of delayed grastic empty. and my metabolism is very sssssllllloooowwww. thats way I think a patch for that time in my life would help. If any on is trying the patches please let me know thru my e-mail

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