8 Months of Abdominal Pain, How Do I Know if it ia Adhesions?

From: LScott (gobulls50@hotmail.com)
Fri Jul 12 08:38:30 2002


I stumbled across this forum as I searched for information about adhesions. I was looking for it after my doctor mentioned that my chronic abdominal and pelvic pain could be adhesion related.....but then he left it at that.

Here is my history. Approximately 9-10 months ago, I was involved in some serious abdominal exercise training....... I think I over did it by a long shot. I woke up one day before Christmas with a sharp, almost knife like, pain in my right lower quadrant. Thinking it could be an appendix, I went to the ER and they said I was fine (after doind blood work and some xrays). The RLQ pain subsided in a few days. The a week later, I developed the same pain, this time in the Left lower quadrant. The pain was significantly worse when I pressed on it or twisted my torso. Since that time, the pain is almost always there.... usually on the left side and usually is specific spots..... one near my navel and one lower, near my groin. It also appears on the right of my navel. The pain is very localized and does not seem to have any connection to bowel functions.

I have had a colonoscopy (normal), an abdominal CAT (normal) and a pelvic CAT (a few diverticuli and slightly enlarged prostate as well as evidence of colonic spasms). The GI doctor told me that it was nothing to worry about as my blood work showed no signs of infection.

However...... the pain continues. It will fade away sometimes to almost imperceptable, until I touch one of the "hot spots" or I twist or stretch my torso and it sets of a cascade of sharp pain. The pain is very shallow (if that is the correct term), in other words, it doesn't feel like it is coming from deep inside, but right at the abdominal wall.

What does adhesion pain feel like? It is easy to read about "abdominal pain", but there are so many different types. My girlfriend keeps calling in a stomach ache..... but thats not it at all. No nausea, no constipation or blood in the stool, just the pain like I was being stabbed with a knitting needle.

Sorry for the long post........ but I haven't found any other place that I could ask this question. BTW, I am a 37yo male, with no surgeries. With the myriad of experience here with the terrible affliction of adhesions, I was hoping that someone could describe the pain in more specific terms than "abdominal pain" or "stomach ache".

Thanks...... L Scott

You can email me if you prefer..... that would be super!!

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