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From: Jean Long (
Fri Jul 12 01:09:47 2002

They probably wanted her to go to a nursing home to receive "skilled" nursing care and "maybe" intravenous antibiotics. The hospitals don't want to keep you long periods of time and insurance usually doesn't allow it either. Doesn't make sense but insurance will usually pay for a nursing home if you need skilled nursing care.

I have no idea how they think a nursing home would help her blockage though unless that doctor didn't know about the blockage!! As far as preventing infections nursing homes sure aren't germ free, probably worse than at home. Allot of them really smell of urine and stool. The "skilled" units are different though and have only the "best" nurses, and you receive much better care. They usually wear gloves whenever working with the residents! Residents (patients) are closely monitored at all times. Skilled units have the people who are in pretty bad shape and/or are on respirators, oxygen, tube feeding, cancer, paraplegics etc., so things must be kept allot more sterile than the other units. They can give intravenous, injections, take care of incisions & wounds, take stitches out, and things like that......the regular units can't do that stuff, just the skilled. There are some rooms that are kept totally private and visitors must have permission to enter them.

I had to go into the skilled unit of a nursing home for 6 weeks in 2000 while being treated for a serious bone infection with my hip replacement, recovery from major surgery, therapy, and on intravenous antibiotics via a Pick Line to my heart. NOT a fun place to least not until I became buddies with the nurses!!! They would not pay for a visiting nurse to come in 2 times a day for about 1-1/2 hours each time to start and stop the antibiotics, draw blood daily and do therapy..... total of about 5 hours a day. I would think it would have been cheaper for them to pay a visiting nurse instead of 24 hrs, a day in a nursing home!! I also couldn't get in and out of bed myself or even move my own leg though either. I sure would have found a way at home though since I had a stiff lasso/leash to hook onto my foot to pull it around.

Keep us posted on what happens with Karla! I wish her the best. It has definitely been a rough road for her. JEAN

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Dear Karla, What the heck is going on. How is a nursing home going to help you? How is the urologist going to clear out the blockage? Karla I feel so bad that this is happening to you. You have my prayers but what else can we do to help? Please let us know what is going on. Your friend, Jan

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I received this from Karla today, and wanted to let everyone know she is in need of your prayers.

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I just wanted to let you know that I am being readmitted back to the hospital today. Last night my temp was 104 and I had awful chills. This morning it was 102. My doctor says that he is going to put me in a nursing home to try and prevent the infections....that ain't happening! My urologist called the other night and told me there was a blockage (adhesions???? lol no doubt) and I would get infections until this blockage was removed. So no nursing home is going to help me. I sure could use everyone's continued thoughts and prayers and thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes up until now.

Love ya!


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