Bowel Preps

From: Kathryn Dix (
Wed Jul 10 11:46:12 2002

I am writing an article on bowel prep products; it is geared toward nurses, and is intended to be a neutral article on what is available in terms of bowel preps. I'd like to get feedback from patients on what products they used; if they experienced side effects and, if so, if these effects were acceptable or unbearable or somewhere in between; and if they would use the same bowel prep again or ask for an alternative.

I'd appreciate any help you could all provide! The article should be featured in our September issue; for more details, please e-mail me at


Kathryn Dix

>At Wed, 21 Jul 1999, wrote: >> >>HI Chris ,How are you doing? I had posted a note to Ginny about having a >>colonoscopy performed and asked her about medications that would be >>used.She told me that instead of having to drink the gallon of that >>lovely stuff that fleet could be used instead.Is this the enema?. . . >>FRIENDS THAT STICK TOGETHER" Peggy

>Hi Peggy: >No, it is not the Fleets enema, it is the Fleets phospho-soda that you >can use as a prep for the colonoscopy instead of Golytely, which you >probably know by now since you have been to your GI appt. This post was >late in appearing on the forum. There are some tips that help to keep >it down. I have posted these before, either here or on the endo forum, >so if you are interested let me know and I will post them again. It >involves what you drink with the Fleets phosphosoda. I think the >package insert says water, but the tips say kool aid, I think. Of >course you can't drink anything red, did they tell you that? No red kool >aid, red jello, or punch anything like that. I guess because they can >make the lining look red when it really isn't. My procedure was at 4 pm >and I was allowed to drink liquids only up until noon, but do what your >doctor's office tells you to do. The GI office gave me these tips put >out by the manufacturer. Let me know if you want them. The phosphosoda >is pretty nasty stuff too, but nothing like Golytely, which is a whole >gallon jug. >The meds were given to me right before the procedure after they took me >into the procedure room. They were demerol and versed. The demerol is >a pain killer and versed makes you forget the procedure. I don't >remember one thing about it. I would prefer to remember so if there is >ever a next time I would like just the demerol. >You should tell them you had that type of reaction to the meds. I >wouldn't want to look forward to that again! I believe it is demerol >that makes some people very sick to their >stomach. I had no problems, it put me in la la land. I don't usually >have a problem with meds. >Good luck-the procedure isn't that bad, but the prep sure is, although >Fleets phosphosoda is a lot gentler laxative than mag citrate. I don't >know about Golytely, all I know is the size of it. YUCH. When I had my >second lap, because I didn't want to take Golytely, I had to have a TWO >day bowel prep. I had to drink the Fleets phosphosoda twice. I was >pretty wiped out by the time I got to the hospital. > >Chris


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