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Search out the adhesions website. Go back into the archives and look for everything you can find about adhesions and the problems they cause. Print this info out and then bring a copy of it with you to your appointment with the new doctor. If I were you, I would also print up an extra copy and mail it to the idiot who said that it was nothing more than PTSD and ask that he read the material. Tell him that its a little bit too late to help you, but you wanted to educate him so that he might better be able to help the next patient that presents to him with adhesions.

For him to make that comment is asinine. What happens when someone presents to him with similar symptoms, but never had the gunshot issue to blame it on? Is he going to blame it on PTSD from an ingrown toenail?? Karla

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> I have'nt written anything on here in awhile. But I have a question...My
doctor told me that my symptoms of adhesions is nothing more than Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was shot in the wrist, stomach and back in 1994...I was just wondering if anyone out here can give me some advice on what I should do, I'm already searching for a new Doctor. >
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