Re: Capsule Endoscopy

From: Donna (
Sun Jul 7 16:11:53 2002

At Sun, 7 Jul 2002, Andie wrote: >I was wondering if anyone suffering from adhesions, as of yet, has had
>the capsule endoscopy procedure.
>This is where you swallow a small capsule, (a camera approximately the
>size of a small vitamin), which naturally passes through your digestive
>system, taking pictures of the insides of your internal organs and small
>I am scheduled to have this done in the near future. Looking for any
>comments. Thanks!

I am having it done for bleeding in the small intestine that they can't find. I don't know if it will show any adhesions, maybe if you had a kink it might show up but my understanding is that it is to look for sm AV malformations, small tumors,etc, things that don't show up on endoscopy (top or bottom)or are too small to see in a barium enema or CAT Scan. It only sees the last 45 minutes of stomach and it does not see in the lg intestine. Good luck


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