Re: Car Crash

From: Jo Eslick (
Sun Jul 7 00:13:11 2002

Oh Val!!

I was just reading some of the messages further up on the board and saw the mention of a car crash & came looking for your original post! I am so sorry that you hve been involved in such an aweful ordeal!

Val, there is no easy way of saying this, did you end up with bruising from hitting the steering wheel? Ths blow can cause additional adhesions, I know because that's what they found during my last surgery, adhesions from under my ribs right down.... I had massive bruising that took almost two months to disappear....

(((((Val))))) I wish I could be there and give you some gentle hugs.... just take it easy and if you haven't been to a doctor yet, make sure you do go and see one, because you may have other injuries like a severe whiplash. This isn't a pleasant neck injury to have and you need to be assessed to see just what damage was done during that accident. My eldest daughter was in another car accident just a few weeks ago, and Shane took her to the doctors straight away, because you never know what could be happening.

Once you have seen a doctor you can relax & stop worrying, because any serious injuries would show up during the thorough physical exam you will get, or hopefully you already have had!

Love and gentle hugs my friend..... I hope that you are OK, and just your truck copped the damage....

Love and gentle hugs,
Joanne Eslick
Founder Australian Adhesions Support Group
NSW Australian Co-ordinator of
International Adhesions Society

I am not a medical person, and all my messages are based
on personal experience.  I am a fellow adhesions sufferer
reaching out to help others.

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