Send a little prayer my way

From: Tami (
Sat Jul 6 01:06:45 2002

Hello all my dear friends, I've missed you all so much. But I have been a lot of pain these days and haven't really had much strength to sit at my computer very long. I finally got put on Oxycontin, the doctor upped the dose from 10mgs to 40mgs. I have kinda been in a real fog lately. I go in the hospital tomorrow for a cysto-hydrodist., bladder BX-fulgerat....ruling out interstitial cystitis. I get to see a chronic pain specialist on Tuesday, Wednesday I turn 41, and July 19th I get to have the colonscopy....just send a little prayer my way, it would be greatly appreciated....Karla N...I was glad to hear you on the board again...I have missed you and I say prayers for you everyday...Sally, you take care of yourself, I will say extra prayers for Joe....I think I am making my own videos, staring My Bladder and Colon...maybe I can think of a catch title for it!!! Tish, you are always close to my heart and I think of you often....Well off to bed I go, saying my nightly prayers for all my fellow sufferers.......take care Your friend, Tami

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