Re: Did/Does Anyone Have Adhesions on their Ovaries?

From: Kelly Murray (
Wed Jul 3 16:31:22 2002

Raven, Referring to the Spraygel, where are you getting your results from? I would like to get info on the results on this barrier but I do not want surgery using this unless I see some pretty good results from this. Have there been people that have had the barrier used that have gone at least a good year without them returning? I had my last surgery in Pa a year ago and I am in considerable pain again. Don' t know how long I can go on like this. I am having to go to extremes in pain management to get comfortable. I even E-mailed some university hospitals in my area on the spray-gel and haven't heard one word from them. Par for the course on adhesion related info.I realize that spray gel is relatively new in the U.S. but have there been people that have had this in Germany a while back and are they relatively pain-free? Kel -------Original Message------- From: Date: Wednesday, July 03, 2002 03:19:33 PM To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: Re: Did/Does Anyone Have Adhesions on their Ovaries? I had adhesions on my ovaries as well. I would have terrible pains all of the time, but worse when I ovulated. I am afraid to say that your adhesions will probably be back unless they used an effective barrier. I have had my adhesions removed three times now. Each time the pain returns quicker. I am in the process of trying to get to Germany to have Spraygel used on me. It is proving to be a pretty effective barrier. Hope this helps. Welcome to the message board. Feel free to contact me if you like! Prayer for you! Raven Spurlin

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