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From: Jicky (
Wed Jul 3 15:51:45 2002

At Sat, 1 Jun 2002, Flick Rahke wrote: >
>Hi everyone My name is flick. I'm a guy and i posted for the first time
>a few days ago. I had laprascopic surgery to remove my gallbaldder a
>year and a half ago and have been in worse pain than before the surgery
>ever since. I don't seem to have any bowel or digestive problems, just
>crampy and achey and burning pain in the internal areas where they did
>the surgery. It hurts worse after exercise and sometimes after eating,
>although the pain after eating has gone down quite a lot in the past
>year. I don't take pain pills but became addicted to xanax which i took
>for anxiety after the surgery did not seem to heal well. I got off
>those devil pills 8 mos. ago and the withdrawal syndrome was very
>difficult in itself. I wrote to the surgeons group in Pa. which
>specailizes in adhesions. Dr. gerhardt called me back and we talked
>for quite a while. He told me that they have an 80 per cent success
>rate with adhesion removal surgery with the adhesions not returning. Is
>this just a sales pitch, or is there really a chance of getting rid of
>this adhesion pain with another surgery, He said that in the past, the
>adhesions would return, but that they have a way of doing it now to
>avoid this happening very often. I am naturally afraid of having
>another surgery, since the original one has practically ruined my life,
>but if there is a good chance of elininating the tightness and pain, it
>might be worth it to improve the quality of my life., Dr. Gerhardt also
>said that the surgery is risky, but that they are very good at it with
>much success. Are the german surgeons more successful at removing
>painful adhesions or are the guys in Pennsylvania just as successful? Is
>it necessary to use spray gel to not have adhesions return? How could

Hello, I just had laproscopic surgery to removal my left ovary. To make a long story short the surgery took twice as long as I had massive adhesions from a partial hysterectomy 30 years ago. I go back to my Doctor Next wed for the 2 wk post op exam and will ask the doctor about the return of adhesions. My recovery time was suppose to be two days and turned into-well I am in my 7th day post op and finally i can walk around and pain is almost gone but very fatigued. I will get back with you. I also have an appointment with the Mayo clinic in 3 weeks for a second opinion. If any one should have the answers they would. I lift weights and run most days and this is really depressing. But thankful to be on the road to recovery.Will let you know.

>you do a surgery and not get more adhesions? I am confused and scared
>and want my life back[Iwas an athletic dancer and surfer before and do
>not really want to be a couch potato now for the rest of my life. I
>think I would rather move to northern Thailand where the elders in the
>hilltribes smoke opium in their later years for aches and pains. I
>don't like drugs but i don't know if I can handle this achey pain
>forever. Thanks for listening Flick

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