Phil's doin fine!

From: Jo Eslick (
Wed Jul 3 12:26:48 2002

Phil's doin fine! on: Jul 3rd, 2002, 1:10am

Just wanted everyone to know that Phil Marr underwent surgery this morning at 8am in Royal Perth Hospital. All went as well as expected..... I rang Gloria, Phil's life tonight to see how it all went! Everything is fine & Phil is resting comfortably.

Gloria believes he will be home possibly on Friday sometime. I am sure he will contact us with more details once he is at home and comfortable! It has been a looong wait to Phil... I know he was nervous about today, but I kept him close to my heart today while he underwent this surgery.

Everyone is praying for you Phil...and thinking loads of positive thoughts to help make your recovery a quick and uneventful one! LOL

Love to you Phil & Gloria, sorry everyone, I posted this on bombo & forgot to come across and post it here too!

Love and gentle hugs,
Joanne Eslick
Founder Australian Adhesions Support Group
NSW Australian Co-ordinator of
International Adhesions Society

I am not a medical person, and all my messages are based
on personal experience.  I am a fellow adhesions sufferer
reaching out to help others.

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