Prayers to you Sally and your Godson

Mon Jul 1 12:14:18 2002

Hi Sweet Sally, I'm so sorry to hear about your Godson's accident. I have been praying for him and have added him to my prayer list. I sent an Angel out to him right after I read your post. It's a female Angel for him, she's strong, brave, and has her green dress on for his quick healing and a fast recovery! Honey, have you made a surgery date yet? Are you going to Germany or to Dr. R&R or elsewhere? I know how you feel with the adhesions and just know it's time to have a clean out. I wish you well my sweets and pray you have a surgery date very soon so that you'll be on the road to recovery and no more pain, no more adhesions, just no more darn it all! Love you Sweet Sally, always know that you are in my heart and prayers - you and all of your family. ~Chrissie xo's

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