Re: Anyone out there with FITZ-HUGH-CURTIS SYNDROME besides me?

From: Valerie Gates (ibuymed@AOL.COM)
Mon Jul 1 11:55:41 2002

Tell me more!!! I don't know anything about Fitz-Hugh-Curtis!! My problems here, however started from PID, so I am always interested to hear about anything!!!



At Sun, 30 Jun 2002, Lisa wrote: >
>I''ve had Fitz-Hugh-Curtis for 29 years and it was pretty bearable up
>until 2 years ago when I began heavy exercising. I'm looking for people
>who have this who would like to discuss how to both avoid and handle the
>pain associated with it. Is there a doc out there who has information?
>I had a copper IUD for 2 months in 1973 creating severe PID, ending in
>FHC. I had no idea I would live with this for all these years. There's
>hardly any info out there...please contact me, Lisa.

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