Chat room Hassles

From: Jo Eslick (
Mon Jul 1 09:07:47 2002

With much confusion and hard work by Kanga.... our hard working under paid (she volunteered after I called her the webmaster ;)), Sally is perplexed by the problems everyone is now experiencing getting into the Beach Club Chat room!!!

Please be patient, we will fix it as soon as we can, and send out an email straight away... my apologies to all those trying to log in for the Monday night Aussie Chatter time *sigh*: (hopefully I will catch up with you all next weekend.)

.... Many thanks to Helen Dynda for forwarding the address for a world clock to my email address.(I havenít had time to visit the IAS message board in the last week or soÖ)... allowing us to figure out just what time you need to visit the chat room and find someone in there! Thanks to Jean & Nancy for posting the world clock URL's on the IAS board here is one of them: The World Clock - Time Zones

I hope to see you in the chat room for Wednesday evenings US & Canadian Chat time 8pm to 10pm US Eastern Standard Time...use the address above to find your time zone and find out what time you need to "pop into" the chat room.

I am also applying for Federal and State Funding for the Australian Adhesions Support Group ( and I ask all of you to visit bombo and leave a message on the bombo.NOTE PAD.. let us know what you think of the bombo site and the information available.

Your feedback will be a very important part of my application. The funding will be used to further develop the website, design & print information sheets to be distributed around Australia via Doctors surgeries, hospital waiting rooms, Women's Health Centre's and many other health care facilities. My goal is to reach not only those with access to the Internet, but the many thousands with out it.

Please help me with this important project, so that you can say you help support other adhesions sufferers via your input on the & IAS message boards.

I hope to meet you all soon in the chat room.

Love and gentle hugs,
Joanne Eslick
Founder Australian Adhesions Support Group
NSW Australian Co-ordinator of
International Adhesions Society

I am not a medical person, and all my messages are based
on personal experience.  I am a fellow adhesions sufferer
reaching out to help others.

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