Re: Prevention of abdominal adhesions

From: monica (
Tue Jan 29 20:06:49 2002

At Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Richard Hagen wrote: >
>Dear Anonymous,
>The doctors you are seeing definitely are not up to speed on what you need.
>The Dr Koh you referred to should never be considered again. The mesh may
>not work either. I am not an expert but use caution on the doctors in
>Milwaukee. There are many doctors with opinions that don't really help the
>adhesion sufferer.
>-----Original Message-----

Thank you so much for your response. Is there ANY sort of reference to doctors in the milwaukee area who have heard of adhesions and believes they are real anc cause problems. i am afraid that the only alternative is that my body will eventually just shut down ... The doctors i have convinced to help me dont believe me, yet they have found adhesions 4 times. i dont know what to do anymore... it is so difficult to get them to repeat laparoscopic surgery. And i really need a fifth NOW. is there any sort of reference? or any help in finding surgeons who know about this? i have tried the internet and emailing/calling doctors at hospitals.

Thank you so much monica

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