Evelyn, from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (lostcst@mcn.org)
Tue Jan 29 17:27:50 2002

Dear Evelyn, I'm so sorry. I read over my message and it just seems so judgmental and harsh. Again, I'm very sorry. I don't want to cause you more grief. My only experience with children who can't "go" except with enemas, etc. and who stain and drip and seem to hold their movements back is the daughter of a friend. Her child had this problem her whole life, at least until 13 when they moved from the area and I haven't had an update in some time.

I raised a step-son with a malignant brain tumor. He had lots of problems as you can imagine. And many times I was in great distress how to help him, so I hope I haven't added to your burden by criticizing you. I'm sure all kinds of thoughts enter your head, and of course children can be lazy, but I stand by my opinion even if its unwelcome to Jo or the rest of the board.

I do regret causing you distress. My step-son fought all the odds and lived. He now lives on his own in a subsidized apartment in town. Although he is developmentally disabled he grew up to be strong and as self-sufficient as possible. He has lots of help though or he could not be "on his own". You have my best wishes. It's a hard job, and you don't always know what is best, you can only do your best, which I'm sure you are. Love and best wishes, Sally >

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