About the anti depressants posts

From: clare (csheedy@netcom.ca)
Tue Jan 29 15:13:59 2002

Hi everyone:

I'm pretty new to the forum, so please forgive me if I don't really know the history here and I may be writing about something I have very little knowledge about.

When I read Jo's post, I didn't read it as meaning anything other than that she was concerned about Jean.

Jean, I've never taken antidepressants, but my close friend has been on different ones for quite some years. They haven't really worked for her so far (for some weird reason she seems more depressed when she's on them), but I've heard that once you find the right one for you, they can really assist your pain meds to work.

I'd like everyone here to know that I've really appreciated this forum so far, and I like how it seems that everyone is understanding when one person is having an "off" day or moment. When I've asked a question, you've all been very kind....

Thanks so much,



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