Re: Anti-depressants?

From: Jean (
Tue Jan 29 12:15:53 2002

I have been on the board for about 2 years now although I hesitate to post very often due to having to carefully weigh everything I say, ask or comment about.

I appreciate your concerns(although I don't know why I caused any) but I am not ignorant or a child, therfore I do know I can't possibly get or take any medications "without my doctor being involved".

"No-one" can get prescriptions without a doctor, there-fore I don't need to be told to discuss something like this with my doctor before taking anything. Naturally my doctors do and ask what other meds I am taking before prescribing anything, and I wouldn't have it any other way. They are the ones who brought the subject up to begin with.

I am highly sensitive to all drugs and any side-affects and the doctor is also aware of this, therfore any information about them could be of benefit to me so we have some idea where to start.

I tried Prozac a few years ago and although the "doctor said" it wouldn't be a problem with weight gain and people actually lose weight on them it acted totally differently for me. I gained weight on them, so I stopped taking them shortly after starting them. My friend also gained "allot" of weight after she went on them. I also had the "zombie" experiences on others, although I was told by the doctors that I wouldn't.

"That" is why I was asking advice on different ones from people who had "personal experiences" using them, which I thought would be more beneficial than a doctor simply telling me what they are "told or read" about the drugs. I am sure the doctor does have something in mind, but most likely there will be "several" that I am able to take with my other meds and I will be given that option.

I see people asking on the board all the time for other people's personal experiences and opinions with pain meds and other meds, and I was simply doing the same thing with the anti-depressants. I "thought" I could get some answers to "avoid" extensive trial & error.

I have been lectured in the past because I never took drugs for my pains and medical problems as everyone else does, and now I feel I am also lectured when I finally give in to trying meds.

If you can't ask a simple question or opinion then what good is a support group, when you have doctors who are fully capable of knowing what is best for you and answering all your questions adequately?

Seems to me I read every day how people are saying "not" to listen to the doctors in regards to surgery, treatments and un-necessary tests etc. They are told to read the board and other people's experiences before going to a doctor or getting anything done..."not" to go to doctors and ask their questions.

I am sorry I asked for advice! I will reserve my questions for my doctors for now on.


At Tue, 29 Jan 2002, Jo Eslick wrote: >
>Dear Jean,
>I am very concerned that you are asking us for advice for medication.  I really think that these questions should be reserved for your doctor, as only he/she is aware of all the other medications you take.  Some anti depressants effect some of the pain medications.
>Love & hugs

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