Re: Hello! - To Lisa

From: Lisa (
Tue Jan 29 06:40:17 2002

At Mon, 28 Jan 2002, wrote: >
>Really, you had it done? I just don't know if it will work, when they
>injected the dye to see exactly how big and just where it all went, the area
>was huge, like a spider web throughout my abdomen, I just don't see how it
>will work. Tell me more about what happened with your experience please.

Lesa- Yes I had it done in July, back when they were still trying to figure out my problem. They did a CT scan and found an abcess on my lower right side, it wasn't as big or as involved as yours, but they decided to drain it while in the scanner.A radiologist does the procedure. They put you in the CT scanner, give you drugs to relax you and to numb the area. Then when they find the area they want to go in at they insert the needle and drain it. You really have to stay absolutly still, I jumped when they inserted the needle(not enough pain killer)and they had to start over.It went pretty quickly. Good luck-when do you think you'll have it done? Let me know!


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